Border Patrol faces scrutiny after death of 8-year-old girl in custody


An unfortunate incident has sparked widespread outrage and concern regarding the treatment of migrant children at the US-Mexico border. On December 18, 2022, an 8-year-old girl from Guatemala tragically passed away while in the custody of the Border Patrol in Texas. Officials have determined that her cause of death was septic shock, a life-threatening condition caused by a spreading infection throughout the body.


The young girl was part of a group of 39 migrants who crossed the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas, and surrendered to the Border Patrol on December 17. Alongside her father and two siblings, she was taken to a processing facility. However, the following day, she began displaying signs of illness and was promptly transported to a hospital, where she sadly passed away shortly thereafter.

This incident has shed light on the hardships faced by migrant children who arrive at the border, often fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries. According to the Department of Homeland Security, in the fiscal year 2022, which concluded in September, over 120,000 unaccompanied minors and nearly 300,000 family units were encountered at the border. Many of these children are held in overcrowded and unsanitary facilities for extended periods, surpassing the legal limit of 72 hours, before being transferred to other agencies or released.

The Biden administration has faced criticism for its handling of the border crisis, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and political instability in Central America. In an attempt to strike a balance between humanitarian concerns and security objectives, the administration has implemented policies such as Title 42, which allows for the swift expulsion of migrants due to public health reasons, as well as the Migrant Protection Protocols, which require asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their court hearings. Additionally, the Central American Minors Program aims to establish legal pathways for children to join their relatives in the US.



The death of the 8-year-old girl has evoked a range of reactions from various stakeholders. The girl’s family has expressed their sorrow and anger over the loss of their daughter and sister. They have demanded an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death and the conditions within the Border Patrol facility.

Border Patrol

The Border Patrol has conveyed its condolences and stated its cooperation with the ongoing investigation. It has also defended its agents and procedures, asserting that they adhered to all protocols and provided prompt medical care once the girl’s symptoms were noticed.

Biden Administration

The Biden administration has expressed sadness and regret over the incident, reaffirming its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of migrant children. The administration has reiterated its call for Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform, addressing the root causes of migration and establishing a fair and humane system.

Human Rights Group

Human rights groups have condemned the incident, urging accountability and transparency from the authorities. They have also called for an end to policies such as Title 42 that jeopardize the lives and rights of migrants. Additionally, these groups advocate for increased resources and oversight for agencies responsible for the welfare of migrant children, including Health and Human Services and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Lawmakers have also responded to the incident, with some offering sympathy and support to the family, while others hold the administration accountable for failing to secure the border and enforce the law. Calls for hearings and legislation to address the situation and prevent further tragedies have been made.


This incident has raised several crucial questions and challenges for the future of immigration policy, border security, and human rights in the United States. How can the US protect its borders while honoring its obligations under international law and humanitarian principles? How can it ensure that migrant children are treated with dignity and care while under its custody? Also, How can abuse and neglect within its facilities be prevented? How can cooperation and coordination be improved among its agencies and with other nations? How can the underlying causes of migration be addressed?

These questions are likely to shape future debates and actions concerning immigration in the months and years ahead. The death of the 8-year-old girl has exposed flaws and gaps in the current system while also highlighting opportunities and challenges for reform.


The tragic death of an 8-year-old girl while in Border Patrol custody serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll of migration and the necessity for change. It has elicited varied reactions from stakeholders with diverse perspectives and interests regarding immigration policy. The incident has significant implications for how the United States manages its borders, safeguards its security, upholds its values, and fulfills its responsibilities. It calls for heightened awareness, compassion, and action from all parties involved.

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