Celebrate Easter with These Joyful Easter Day Songs

Easter is a joyful and celebratory holiday commemorating Jesus Christ’s return. Listening to Easter Day songs is one way to get into the holiday mood—a broad range of themes, whether you favor traditional hymns or modern classics. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Easter Day music to help you enjoy this special day.

Celebrate Easter with These Joyful Easter Day Songs

The Significance of Easter Day Songs

Easter Day songs have been an essential component of Christian tradition for centuries. They contribute to conveying the joy and promise of the resurrection and providing comfort and inspiration to those who observe the holiday. Easter music also serves as a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for us and His love for all humankind.

Traditional Easter Day Songs

Traditional hymns sung for centuries are among the most popular Easter Day songs. These include “Christ the Lord rises Today,” “O Sacred Head Now Wounded,” and “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” These hymns are commonly performed in churches during Easter services, and their timeless melodies and lyrics continue to speak to Christians worldwide.

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Modern Easter Day Songs

Several modern Easter Day songs have emerged that reflect contemporary Christian music styles in recent years. These include songs like “Alive,” “Resurrecting,” and “Forever,” which are characterized by upbeat rhythms and powerful lyrics that celebrate the joy of the resurrection. Many of these songs have become famous among younger Christians and are frequently heard in churches and on Christian radio stations.


Contemporary Easter Day Songs

Contemporary Easter Day songs incorporate elements of different musical genres, such as pop, rock, and hip-hop. These songs are often more secular and may be played in non-religious settings. Examples of contemporary Easter Day music include “My Redeemer Lives,” “In Christ Alone,” and “Because He Lives.”

In Christ Alone

Popular Easter Day Songs

Many Easter Day music has become famous and is often heard during the holiday season. These include “Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah, “The Old Rugged Cross,” and “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.” These songs are frequently played on Christian radio stations and can be downloaded from different music streaming platforms.

The Old Rugged Cross

Top Easter Day Songs for Kids

Many Easter Day songs are geared mainly towards children for parents who want to introduce their children to the joy of Easter through music. These include songs like “Peter Cottontail,” “Here Comes Peter Cottontail,” and “Easter Parade.” This lighthearted music is appropriate for children of all ages and can help make Easter a fun and memorable occasion for the entire family.

Peter Cottontail

Top 10 Easter Day Songs

Easter is a particular time of year for many people around the world. It’s a time to celebrate new beginnings, hope, and renewal. And what better way to express these emotions than through music?

Here are the top 10 best Easter day songs to add to your playlist this holiday season:

  1. Amazing Grace” by John Newton – This classic hymn has been sung for generations and is a favorite at Easter church services.
  2. He Lives” by Alfred Ackley – This upbeat song celebrates the resurrection of Jesus and the joy of new life.
  3. Up from the Grave, He Arose” by Robert Lowry – This song tells the story of the resurrection and the triumph of Jesus over death.
  4. Because He Lives” by Bill and Gloria Gaither – This modern hymn speaks of our hope and assurance because of Jesus’ resurrection.
  5. Christ the Lord is Risen Today” by Charles Wesley – This traditional Easter hymn is a beloved classic, celebrating the joy of Easter morning.
  6. “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” by Samuel Medley – This hymn reminds us that because of Jesus’ resurrection, we have hope for our lives.
  7. “In Christ Alone” by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend – This modern hymn speaks of the power of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus.
  8. “The Old Rugged Cross” by George Bennard – This hymn reflects on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and the hope it brings.
  9. Worthy Is the Lamb” by Handel – This powerful piece from Handel’s Messiah celebrates the victory of Jesus over death.
  10. Hallelujah Chorus” by Handel – This iconic piece from Handel’s Messiah is often performed at Easter time and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus with joy and triumph.

Because He Lives

Easter Day Songs in Different Languages

Easter is celebrated by Christians all over the globe, so there are many Easter Day music sung in various languages. Some of the most popular Easter Day music in different languages include “O Filii et Filiae” in Latin, “Christ Arose” in English, “Hristos voskrese” in Russian, and “Thine Be the Glory” in French. Singing Easter Day music in various languages is a beautiful way to experience the diversity of Christian culture and interact with Christians worldwide.

Easter Day Music Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the origin of Easter music?

A: Easter Day songs have long been a part of Christian tradition, going back to the early days of the Church. The first Easter Day music was likely hymns sung by Jesus’ disciples and early adherents.

Q: Is Easter music only for Christians?

A: Although Easter Day music is typically associated with the Christian holiday of Easter, it can be enjoyed by anyone. Many Easter Day songs contain universal themes of hope, love, and fresh beginnings that can appeal to people of all religions.

Q: What are some of the most well-known Easter music?

A: Some of the most famous Easter Day music include “Christ the Lord is Risen Today,” Handel’s Messiah’s “Hallelujah Chorus,” and “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.”


Easter Day songs play an essential role in the Easter celebration, helping to communicate the joy and hope of the resurrection. There are many Easter Day music, ranging from traditional hymns to contemporary classics, each with its distinct style and message. Easter Day music is an excellent way to get into the festive mood and celebrate the season of renewal and rebirth, whether singing in Church or simply listening to music at home.

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