No Spice for King Charles: Camilla’s son blasts coronation menu

Tom Parker Bowles says the food is ‘too safe and predictable

The menu for King Charles’ coronation, which will take place on Saturday at Westminster Abbey, has disappointed Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall’s son. dish critic and novelist Tom Parker Bowles told The Daily Mail that the dish was “too safe and predictable” and lacked “any sense of occasion or excitement.”

No Spice for King Charles: Camilla's son blasts coronation menu

The coronation menu includes roast beef, salmon, and fruit salad

According to the coronation’s official website, the food for guests will include roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, poached salmon with hollandaise sauce, and fruit salad with cream. According to the website, the food was ‘carefully designed to highlight the best of British cuisine and production’. Champagne, wine, and tea will be served.

The food critic suggests adding more flavor and variety to the dishes

Parker Bowles said he would have loved a more ambitious and diversified cuisine that highlighted the ‘richness and complexity’ of Britain’s culinary heritage. He proposed flavoring the food using spices, herbs, and sauces, as well as introducing regional delicacies and ethnic cuisines. Also, He would have loved to see foods like lamb curry, haggis, Welsh rarebit, and Bakewell tart.

He praises his mother’s cooking skills and says she has a ‘great palate’

Despite his critique of the coronation feast, Parker Bowles praised his mother’s cooking abilities and taste. He described her as a ‘great cook’ who prepared ‘wonderful’ dinners for him and his sister when they were children. Also, he stated that she possessed a ‘wonderful palette’ and enjoyed experimenting with various meals and flavors. He went on to say that he was “very proud” of Camilla becoming Queen and wished her and King Charles “all the happiness in the world.”

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