Sipping on St. Patrick’s Day Green Beer – A Complete Guide


St. Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday in Ireland and the United States. It’s a time to wear green, watch parades, and eat traditional Irish fare. Green beer consumption is one contemporary ritual that has gained popularity. While it is a recent development, St. Patrick’s Day green beer has existed for some time. In this post, we’ll look at the history of green beer, how it’s brewed, and some frequently asked questions about this festive drink.

Sipping on St. Patrick's Day Green Beer - A Complete Guide

The Origins of St. Patrick’s Day Green Beer

Beer has been colored green since at least the early twentieth century. The first incidence of green beer served on St. Patrick’s Day was in 1914 in New York City. According to legend, a doctor dyed his beer green to commemorate the event, and the concept swiftly spread.

The green beer had become a fixture of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the United States by the 1950s. It’s now readily available around the country in taverns and restaurants. Several breweries even make their green beer for the occasion.

How is St. Patrick’s Day Green Beer made?

Green beer is a simple method that may be accomplished with any light-colored beverage. This is how it’s done:

  • Pick a light beer: Green dye works well with light beers like lagers and pilsners. Avoid dark beers such as stouts and porters.
  • Add green food coloring: A few drops will give your beer a vibrant hue. To achieve the correct shade, add “green” food coloring.
  • Mix well: Gently stir the beer to disperse the food coloring evenly. Keeping the beer manageable is critical, as this can prevent it from losing its carbonation.
  • Serve cold: Green beer is best served ice-cold like any other beer.

How is St. Patrick's Day Green Beer made?

FAQ about St. Patrick’s Day Green Beer

Q: Is green beer safe to consume?

A: Green beer is safe to consume. The food coloring used to tint the beer is non-toxic and will not alter the beer’s taste or quality.

Q: Can I use natural food coloring with artificial food coloring?

A: Natural food coloring can be used to color beer. It may not, however, provide as bright a hue as an artificial food coloring.

Q: Can I brew green beer out of any beer?

A: Green beer complements light-colored beers like lagers and pilsners best. Dark beers like stouts and porters may need to produce a pleasing color.

Q: Is it possible to manufacture green beer at home?

A: You can make green beer at home using food coloring and light-colored beer.


Green beer on St. Patrick’s Day is a festive and entertaining way to commemorate the event. While its origins are unknown, its popularity among revelers cannot be denied. A drink of green beer, whether made at home or ordered at a pub, will surely get you in the St. Patrick Day spirit. So raise a glass and toast to the Irish luck!

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