Debunking the Death Hoax of George Soros

Introduction On May 15, 2023, a startling rumor spread like wildfire across social media and certain online news platforms. It claimed that George Soros, the Hungarian-born American billionaire, philanthropist, and activist, had passed away from a heart attack in his New York residence. Accompanying this rumor were a fabricated obituary, a manipulated photo, and a … Read more

8 reasons why Erdogan is bound to lose even if he wins

Introduction In this blog post, we will explore eight reasons why Erdogan is bound to lose even if he wins the election, meaning that his legitimacy, authority, and influence will be severely undermined. Erdogan has been in charge for 20 years, but his support has dwindled as a result of the economy, natural disasters, human … Read more

Sudan in turmoil: UN chief urges calm as death toll rises

What sparked the violence? The fighting broke out during a power struggle between Sudan armed forces and the Rapid Support Forces, two different groups of the military dictatorship that deposed previous dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019. The RSF is a paramilitary organization founded by Bashir to quell a revolt in Darfur, an area racked by … Read more