SpaceX wins NASA contract for lunar lander in historic bid

Introduction NASA has granted a remarkable $2.9 billion contract to SpaceX, the brainchild of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, to construct a lunar lander that will transport astronauts to the moon’s surface by 2024. This groundbreaking decision signifies a significant departure in NASA’s approach to human space exploration and establishes SpaceX as a key player in … Read more

Blue Origin lands NASA contract for moon mission

Introduction: The Artemis mission NASA has chosen Blue Origin to construct the lunar lander for the Artemis mission, which aims to land the first woman and person of color on the moon by 2024. The Artemis program seeks to establish a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface and prepare for future missions to Mars. … Read more

SpaceX Starship: A Giant Leap for Space Exploration

What is Starship and why is it important? SpaceX is creating the Starship, a fully reusable rocket system, to transport passengers and freight to Mars, the Moon, and other planets. Starship is made up of a 230-foot-tall launcher dubbed Super Heavy and a 165-foot-tall spacecraft. By joining forces, they can launch more than 100 metric … Read more