Victoria Day Canada: Best Destinations for the Long Weekend

Introduction Are you trying to figure out how to honor Victoria’s Day this year? If so, you’re not the only one. Queen Victoria, who ruled Great Britain and Ireland for the majority of the 19th century, is honored on Victoria Day, a federally recognized public holiday in Canada. Since at least 1845, Canadians have celebrated … Read more

Celebrate Victoria Day in Canada with Food, Drinks, and Fun

Queen Victoria, who ruled the United Kingdom and Canada from 1837 to 1901, is commemorated on Victoria Day, a federal holiday in Canada. Every year, it is observed on the Monday before or on May 24. In Canada, Victoria Day is also regarded as the unofficial beginning of summer since so many people take advantage … Read more

May 24 Weekend: Why It’s More Than Just a Day Off in Canada

Introduction If you are a Canadian, you probably look forward to the last Monday of May every year. That is when we celebrate Victoria Day, a public holiday commemorating the birthday of Queen Victoria, Canada’s first monarch. However, May 24 Weekend is more than just a holiday. It’s a day that honors our country’s history, … Read more

Queen Victoria: The Woman Behind Canada Beloved Weekend

Introduction Every year, Canadians enjoy a long weekend in May to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria, the monarch who ruled over Canada at the time of Confederation. But how much do we truly understand about this historical character and her impact on our country? In this blog article, we will look at Queen Victoria’s … Read more

Escape for the Long Weekend: Travel Ideas for Victoria Day

Introduction Victoria Days is a Canadian holiday that celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria and the current monarch. It falls on the last Monday before May 25th, making it an ideal time for a long weekend excursion to enjoy the spring weather. There is a location for everyone, whether you are searching for pleasure, adventure, … Read more

Lighting up the Night Sky: Where to Watch Victoria Day Fireworks

Introduction Victoria Day is a federal holiday in Canada that commemorates Queen Victoria’s birthday, who reigned over the United Kingdom and Canada from 1837 to 1901. Every year on the final Monday before May 25th, it marks the unofficial start of summer in Canada. Watching fireworks, which light up the night sky with stunning colors … Read more