The Grand Finale at Westminster: Who Will Be Top Dog?


The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show stands as the ultimate competition for those enamored with canines. Annually, thousands of dogs representing over 200 distinct breeds showcase their beauty, intelligence, and skills, all in the pursuit of capturing the highly sought-after title of “Best in Show.” In an unprecedented move, this year’s event will unfold at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City.

The Grand Finale at Westminster: Who Will Be Top Dog?

Among the multitude of dogs that initially entered the show, only four exceptional finalists remain. These final contenders include Buddy Holly, the PBGV, Rummie, the Peke, Winston, the Frenchie, and Ribbon, the Australian shepherd. Each of these remarkable dogs represents a distinct group: hound, toy, non-sporting, and herding, respectively. On Tuesday night, they will be joined by three additional dogs from the sporting, working, and terrier groups.

Now, let us delve deeper into the profiles of these finalists and assess their odds of seizing victory.

Buddy Holly, the PBGV

Buddy Holly, a petit basset griffon vendéen, affectionately known as PBGV, possesses a distinctive appeal with its long ears, shaggy coat, and cheerful disposition. True to his name, Buddy Holly delights in singing along to music and engaging with his toys. In addition, he relishes the thrill of hunting rabbits and squirrels in his backyard.

Buddy Holly, the PBGV

Since his puppyhood, Buddy Holly has actively participated in dog shows, amassing a collection of accolades that include numerous “Best in Breed” and “Best in Group” honors. As the first PBGV to reach the prestigious Westminster finals, Buddy Holly aspires to follow in the footsteps of his cousin Hickory, who claimed the coveted “Best in Show” title in 2011.

According to Buddy Holly’s handler, he exudes confidence and approaches everyone with affability. He adeptly showcases his movement and expression within the show ring, garnering an ardent fan base who fondly refer to him as “the little dog with a big heart.”

Given his unique appearance, charming personality, distinguished pedigree, and track record of success, Buddy Holly possesses favorable prospects of securing victory.

Rummie, the Peke

Rummie, a Pekingese, or Peke for short, captivates onlookers with its flat face, flowing mane, and regal semblance reminiscent of a lion. The Rummie, whose full name is GCH CH Pequest Wasabi, derives his name from the spicy Japanese condiment, paying homage to his fiery disposition.

Rummie, the Peke

From the tender age of six months, Rummie commenced his journey in the realm of dog shows, accumulating an impressive array of “Best in Breed” and “Best in Group” accolades. As the second Peke to reach the Westminster finals, Rummie aspires to emulate the triumph of his ancestor Malachy, who secured the coveted “Best in Show” title in 2012.

According to Rummie’s handler, he exudes an air of pride and dignity, fully aware of his exceptional nature. Commanding attention within the show ring, Rummie elegantly struts and demands admiration. A loyal fan base, captivated by his beauty and elegance, avidly supports him.

Given Rummie’s stunning appearance, regal demeanor, esteemed lineage, and rich heritage, his prospects of victory appear promising.

Winston, the Frenchie

Winston, a French bulldog, or Frenchie for brevity, charms all with his distinct bat ears, wrinkled face, and well-built physique. This playful, friendly, and inquisitive personality is perfectly encapsulated by his endearing name. Winston thoroughly enjoys snuggling with his owners and engaging in playful interactions with fellow canines.

Winston, the Frenchie

Having embarked on his dog show journey at the age of one, Winston has amassed a notable collection of “Best in Breed” and “Best in Group” honors. As the first Frenchie to reach the esteemed Westminster finals, Winston harbors aspirations of etching his name in history as the inaugural Frenchie to claim the prestigious “Best in Show” title.

According to Winston’s handler, he radiates happiness and possesses an outgoing nature, reveling in the spotlight. With charisma and charm, Winston effortlessly captivates audiences within the show ring, evoking smiles from all who encounter him. His immense popularity stems from an adoring fan base, enchanted by his irresistible cuteness and spirited disposition.

Given Winston’s lovable appearance, fun-loving personality, widespread appeal, and stellar performances, his chances of emerging victorious remain remarkably high.

Ribbon, the Aussie

Ribbon, an Australian shepherd, lovingly referred to as an Aussie, boasts a striking presence characterized by her merle coat, captivating blue eyes, and innate herding instincts. Reflecting her coat pattern, Ribbon’s name perfectly aligns with her distinctive patches of black, white, and tan fur. Energetic, intelligent, and fiercely loyal, she finds joy in sprinting, leaping, and pursuing anything that stirs her curiosity.

Ribbon, the Aussie

Having embarked on her dog show journey at the age of two, Ribbon has amassed an impressive repertoire of “Best in Breed” and “Best in Group” accolades. As the first Aussie to reach the esteemed Westminster finals, Ribbon endeavors to showcase the versatility and brilliance that define her breed.

According to Ribbon’s handler, she embodies a diligent and obedient nature, always striving to please her owner. Demonstrating her agility and speed within the show ring, Ribbon never fails to impress the crowd. Her remarkable skills and innate beauty have garnered a devoted fan club that wholeheartedly admires her.

Given Ribbon’s striking appearance, remarkable personality, diverse background, and skillful handling she receives, her chances of clinching victory stand commendably high.


The Westminster Dog Show epitomizes a riveting spectacle that showcases the pinnacle of the canine world. The four remarkable finalists are worthy contenders, each possessing unique strengths and charms. Nevertheless, they face formidable competition from the three additional dogs who will join them on Tuesday night.

As we eagerly await the unveiling of the top dog for 2023, the question lingers: Will Buddy Holly, the PBGV, Rummie, the Peke, Winston, the Frenchie, or Ribbon, the Aussie, secure the coveted “Best in Show” title? Alternatively, could a surprise winner emerge from the sporting, working, or terrier groups? The answer shall reveal itself in due course.

We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Who is your personal favorite among these exceptional dogs? Who will ultimately emerge triumphant as “Best in Show”? Remember to tune in on Tuesday night to witness this thrilling spectacle unfold.

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