Crawford cool approach to contract talks


Amidst a cloud of uncertainty surrounding his contract, Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants continues to shine. The veteran shortstop, at 34 years old, is having a remarkable season, leading the team in home runs, RBIs, and OPS, all while displaying exceptional defensive skills at his premium position. As the final year of his six-year, $75 million contract comes to a close, Crawford emerges as one of the most intriguing free agents in the upcoming offseason. However, the contract situation hasn’t deterred him from giving his all on the field. Crawford’s deep affection for the Giants is evident, and he hopes to remain with the team for the remainder of his career.

Crawford cool approach to contract talks


Growing up as a Giants fan in the Bay Area, Crawford’s connection to the team runs deep. Drafted by the Giants in the fourth round of the 2008 MLB draft, he made his debut in 2011 and has since played an integral role in the Giants’ success. Notably, Crawford contributed to three World Series victories in 2012, 2014, and 2016. His accomplishments also include two All-Star selections, three Gold Gloves, and a Silver Slugger award. He is widely recognized as one of the game’s premier defensive shortstops and holds a special place in the hearts of Giants fans.


Several factors will determine Crawford’s future with the Giants, beginning with his age. Approaching 35 next January, he is considered advanced in years for a shortstop. Nevertheless, this season has shown no signs of decline for Crawford, as he boasts a .292 batting average with 11 home runs and 32 RBIs in 46 games as of May 16. His defensive prowess remains elite, ranking second among all shortstops in defensive runs saved with six. Another significant factor is his market value. Given the scarcity of quality shortstops available, Crawford is likely to command an impressive contract in free agency.

The recent deals signed by veteran shortstops like Elvis Andrus (six years, $120 million) and Xander Bogaerts (six years, $120 million) further bolster his potential value. Lastly, the Giants’ needs as a team come into play. While the organization boasts several promising young infielders like Mauricio Dubon, Marco Luciano, and Will Wilson, none are currently prepared to assume the starting role, nor do they possess the experience and leadership Crawford brings. Additionally, the Giants will have considerable payroll flexibility after this season, with only $69 million committed to nine players for 2022.


Brandon Crawford has made it unequivocally clear that his desire is to remain a Giant for life. Expressing his willingness to engage in contract extension talks if approached during the season, he has demonstrated his appreciation for the Giants’ fans and their distinct culture. Conversely, the Giants have yet to disclose their intentions regarding Crawford. It’s possible they will evaluate his performance and health as the season draws to a close, exploring various options in free agency or trade. Ultimately, the fate of Crawford rests on the collective success of both himself and the Giants, as well as the value they place on each other’s contributions.

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