Ja Morant suspended for one game after gun incident


The Memphis Grizzlies organization has taken the decision to suspend their prominent guard, Ja Morant, for a single game without pay. This action comes after Morant’s involvement in another incident relating to firearms on Friday night. According to the police report, Morant was pulled over for speeding and discovered to have a loaded handgun in his vehicle. Although Morant claimed to possess a valid permit for the weapon, the officers stated that he failed to inform them of its presence and neglected to comply with their commands.

Ja Morant suspended for one game after gun incident


This is not the first instance in which Morant has encountered legal issues concerning firearms. In 2020, he was arrested in his hometown of Sumter, South Carolina, on charges of possessing a stolen gun and marijuana. After pleading guilty to a lesser charge, Morant received a suspended sentence and community service. He expressed remorse for his actions and expressed a commitment to learn from his mistakes.

The NBA maintains a stringent policy regarding firearms, explicitly forbidding players from carrying guns in league facilities, during team travel, or in public spaces. Those who violate this policy may face fines, suspensions, or even contract termination.


Morant expressed regret for his most recent transgression and accepted the imposed suspension. He conveyed his remorse on Twitter, stating, “I made a mistake, and I take full responsibility for it. I apologize to my family, my team, and my fans for letting them down. I will utilize this time for self-reflection and personal growth.”

Ja Morant suspended for one game after gun incident

Ja Morant’s teammates and coach have rallied behind him, expressing their support and hope that he will learn from this experience. Jaren Jackson Jr., a forward for the Grizzlies, said, “Ja is like a brother to us, and we care deeply for him. We recognize that he is a good-hearted individual who made a regrettable decision. We stand by him and have faith that he will bounce back stronger.” Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins acknowledged Morant’s potential, stating, “Ja is a young man with a bright future in this league. He has exhibited tremendous growth and leadership on and off the court. He owned up to his mistake, and we will continue to provide him with support as he develops both as a player and as an individual.”

The management of the Grizzlies also released a statement expressing their disappointment in Ja Morant actions. They emphasized their expectation that he upholds the highest standards of conduct as a representative of the organization. The statement conveyed their commitment to working with Morant, ensuring he comprehends the consequences of his actions and takes the necessary steps to avoid similar situations in the future.


Ja Morant suspension deals a blow to the Grizzlies, who currently hold the eighth position in the Western Conference standings with a 36-28 record. Morant serves as their primary scorer and playmaker, averaging 19.1 points and 7.4 assists per game. Renowned for his captivating dunks and clutch performances, he is considered one of the most thrilling and explosive players in the league.

In the upcoming game against the Denver Nuggets, one of the top teams in the West, the Grizzlies will undoubtedly feel the absence of Morant. The Nuggets have emerged victorious in seven of their last ten games and boast Nikola Jokic, an MVP candidate, leading their offensive efforts. To overcome the Nuggets’ formidable firepower, the Grizzlies will have to depend on their depth and defensive prowess.

Ja Morant suspension raises questions about his maturity and decision-making as a young star in the NBA. While he has been praised for his work ethic, competitiveness, and charisma, he has also demonstrated bouts of immaturity and impulsiveness. He has been involved in on-court altercations with opponents and referees and has faced

fines for using profanity toward fans. Additionally, criticism has been directed at him for some of his social media activity, such as liking a tweet that suggested trading his teammate, Dillon Brooks.

Morant possesses immense potential and talent; however, as the face of the franchise and a role model for many fans, he carries substantial responsibility and faces high expectations. It is crucial for him to exercise greater caution and mindfulness in his actions, recognizing their impact on himself, his team, and his public image. Learning from his mistakes, he must exhibit increased maturity and professionalism as he progresses through his NBA career.


Ja Morant represents one of the NBA’s most captivating and gifted players, yet his controversial and unpredictable nature cannot be overlooked. The suspension he faces due to another firearm-related incident has left his team and fans disheartened. While he has expressed remorse and accepted the punishment, Morant must continue to evolve and improve both as a player and an individual. Despite a promising future ahead, he must confront numerous challenges and meet the expectations placed upon him.

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