Uncovering Hunter Biden’s Tax Evasion: A Whistleblower’s Ordeal

The whistleblower’s discovery

Unveiling the undisclosed truth, a former IRS analyst, Joshua Ungerman, exposed the tax evasion committed by Hunter Biden and subsequently faced severe retribution from his superiors. With over two decades of experience specializing in international tax matters, Ungerman had garnered numerous accolades and commendations for his exceptional performance. However, in 2018, he stumbled upon a shocking revelation that would have far-reaching consequences: Hunter Biden, son of then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, had illicitly evaded millions of dollars in taxes through an intricate scheme involving a Chinese company and a shell corporation.

Uncovering Hunter Biden's Tax Evasion: A Whistleblower's Ordeal

Ungerman’s investigation revealed that Hunter Biden had received a substantial sum of $6 million from CEFC China Energy, a company with affiliations to the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army. This money was funneled through a shell corporation named Hudson West III, which was owned by Hunter Biden and his associates. Subsequently, Hudson West III paid Hunter Biden and his law firm millions of dollars in consulting fees, which went unreported as taxable income to the IRS.

The whistleblower’s report

Alarmed by this discovery, Ungerman felt compelled to report his findings to his superiors at the IRS and the Department of Justice. He believed that Hunter Biden’s tax evasion not only violated the law but also posed a significant national security risk. If Joe Biden were to assume the presidency, his son’s illicit financial activities could potentially compromise his foreign policy decisions. Moreover, Ungerman suspected that Hunter Biden might also be involved in money laundering and other criminal undertakings.

Instead of receiving commendation for his diligence and patriotic duty, Ungerman encountered apathy and animosity from his bosses. They callously disregarded his report, refusing to initiate an investigation into Hunter Biden’s actions and even attempting to undermine Ungerman’s credibility. Moreover, he claimed that he faced retaliatory measures, such as being transferred to a different division, having his workload reduced, being denied promotions and bonuses, and enduring harassment and intimidation.

The whistleblower’s lawsuit

Driven by frustration and a sense of disillusionment, Ungerman made the decision to file a lawsuit against the IRS and the DOJ in 2020. His legal action alleged retaliation and violations of his rights under the Whistleblower Protection Act and the First Amendment. Seeking compensation for emotional distress, loss of income, and damage to his reputation, Ungerman also hoped that his lawsuit would expose Hunter Biden’s tax evasion and prompt a criminal investigation.

The lawsuit is currently pending in a federal court in Washington, D.C. The IRS and the DOJ have vehemently denied Ungerman’s allegations and have requested the judge to dismiss the case. They argue that Ungerman’s report was based on speculative and hearsay evidence, asserting that they did not retaliate against him and merely acted within their discretion and authority.

The Implications for Hunter Biden and Joe Biden

The lawsuit’s implications extend beyond the whistleblower and directly impact both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. It has reignited public scrutiny into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs and business dealings, which have faced ongoing examination for several years. In December 2020, Hunter Biden publicly acknowledged that he was under federal investigation for potential tax violations. Maintaining his innocence, he asserted that he had conducted his affairs in accordance with the law.

Additionally, the lawsuit has raised questions concerning Joe Biden’s awareness of and involvement in his son’s activities. Joe Biden has consistently refuted any accusations of wrongdoing or conflicts of interest, expressing unwavering trust in his son. He has also expressed support for the ongoing federal investigation, emphasizing that he would not interfere with its proceedings.

The outcome of this lawsuit carries profound implications for both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Should Ungerman emerge victorious, it could unveil further details about Hunter Biden’s intricate tax evasion scheme, potentially implicating Joe Biden. On the other hand, if Ungerman’s lawsuit is unsuccessful, he may face further retaliation from the IRS and the DOJ, potentially jeopardizing his credibility as a whistleblower.

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