Meet the world’s first albino panda captured on camera in China

Introduction Prepare to be amazed by a sight beyond a panda’s traditional black-and-white image. Brace yourself for an enchanting surprise as the world’s first albino panda has recently been captured on camera in a nature reserve in China. This extraordinary event marks the initial documentation of such a unique panda in the wild. In this … Read more

American woman sentenced to life in China for spying

Introduction A 78-year-old American woman, Sandy Phan-Gillis, has been sentenced to life imprisonment in China after being convicted of espionage and stealing state secrets. Phan-Gillis, who was part of a trade delegation from Houston, Texas, was detained during her visit to China in 2015. This case has strained the already tense relationship between the United … Read more

Uncovering Hunter Biden’s Tax Evasion: A Whistleblower’s Ordeal

The whistleblower’s discovery Unveiling the undisclosed truth, a former IRS analyst, Joshua Ungerman, exposed the tax evasion committed by Hunter Biden and subsequently faced severe retribution from his superiors. With over two decades of experience specializing in international tax matters, Ungerman had garnered numerous accolades and commendations for his exceptional performance. However, in 2018, he … Read more

Chinese Cell Solar Panels Qualify for US Subsidy

What is the latest subsidy for solar energy projects? The United States government has recently introduced a new subsidy aimed at solar energy projects that utilize products made in America. Known as the Section 48C tax credit, this subsidy provides a 30% tax credit for advanced energy projects that involve the re-equipping, expansion, or establishment … Read more

China’s Antarctic Ambitions: What’s Behind the New Polar Station?

Introduction China is building a new research outpost near the South Pole, adding to its growing presence and influence in Antarctica, according to satellite photographs. Kunlun 2 will be finished by 2023 and will be placed approximately 400 kilometers from the geographic pole. It will be China’s fifth and second year-round station on the continent. … Read more